Care Club Membership

The Care Club Membership cost includes:
+ CareWatch ($199.99) *Introductory discount
+ Companion App, Cellular Connectivity, & Analytics ($24.98/month or $223.99/year) *Introductory discount
+ Care Club Community Access (Included)
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When you order a Care Club Membership during the introductory sale, you're getting a 20% discount from the standard pricing!

Monthly and annual subscription plans will not begin until your CareWatch is activated. Activation occurs when your device is received.


Estimated ship date is May.

30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee!

Check out some of the amazing features of our Care-as-a-Service! 

Heart Rate Tracking
Activity/Step Tracking
Sleep Tracking
Location Sharing (GPS/GLONASS) - Set Safe Zone via Geofencing
Automatic Fall Detection (two settings) - Notifies Emergency Support Center
Direct Cellular Data (no need to pair with smartphone)
Extended Battery Life
Wifi (802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz)
Push Notifications - Medication Reminders, Appointment Reminders
SOS/Panic Button
24/7 Emergency Support
2-Way Voice

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